Building High Quality Software Solutions For Businesses

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Who We Are

We are a full stack software consulting studio based out of India

We work with businesses and help them transform their ideas and requirements into great products. We love working on diverse and hard problems and over the years have tackled challenges in wide variety of domains. We have built complex real time web apps, hacked into low level system and kernel code, developed extremely complex cross platform apps, setup up automated deployment pipelines for cross platform apps and services, designed data piplines dealing with large volume of data as well as hacked on Dapps among others.

Our Values

Writing beautiful code, providing superlative customer service and always learning new and challening stuff

Build Great Products

We are passionate about code quality and strive to build products that are rock solid even in long term. We are inspired by The Zen of Python and Rich Hickey's Simple Made Easy and are are big believer of building simple clean solutions, that are easy to use, and yet have all the desired features and have strong reliability guarantees.

Client Value Creation

We always strive to create great impact and high value for our client businesses. We do this by really understanding your business, your domain and your requirements and picking best tool for the job. We also strive to be extremely responsive to our customers needs, provide great customer service and build long term relationships.


As a company we try to work with passionate and high integrity individuals who demonstrate "can do" attitude. Our attempt is build a collaborative and mutually supportive environment where everyone gets an opportunity to explore new domains, work on challenging stuff and keep on learning every single day. If you share our values, we would love to talk to you.

Contact Us

Get in touch and let's make something great together. Let's turn your idea into an even greater product. +919824587433